Message of President

The foundation of CREIC is under the energy cooperation strategy of the national "Belt & Road Initiative". We are committed to maximizing the value of oil and gas assets and to remain a trusted and reliable global energy supplier for the long-term benefit of our country and national energy strategy.

Oil price has been in fluctuation for the recent years, it is hard to seek the proper time of overseas oil and gas M&A particularly under the intense competition. Therefore we are initially focusing on the major regions including Central Asia, Middle East, Russia for conducting oil & gas evaluation and M&A in a way of cautious but courageous, steady and progressive. So far we have made remarkable progress.

We adhere to the business principles of straightforward, efficiency, target oriented and clear thinking. We set high standard professional training programs and scientific management system, aiming to the development of both our workforce and company.  We create good working environment for the best talents. We make sure that our staff are given every opportunity to reach their potential. CREIC is committed to both corporate & social responsibilities.  We are dedicated to maximizing the value of energy resources for the benefit of our people, our community, our partners and our nation.

CREIC will continually follow the national strategy, seize the opportunity, take pioneer spirit, with strong technical force, mature culture as well as the advanced management, I would like to be together with all our staff to forge CREIC ahead and create a glorious future.

ZHOU Haimin                               

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