Wensu Projec

Brief Introduction

Wensu block is located in Wensu county, aksu region in Xinjiang Province of China, with 1086.23km2 of exploration area. The company was officially awarded the mineral exploration license of Wensu block by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China on 6 June 2018, acquired 100% working interest as the operator. In 2019, the "two faulting belts and one uplifting area" tectonic pattern of Wensu block was defined for the first time based on 3D seismic data evaluation. Totally 105 km2 of favorable oil and gas bearing reservoir area was found with high exploration potential in Wensu block.

In 2019, 18 exploration and appraisal wells were drilled, commercial oil and gas production was encountered in 16 wells. 14 wells were tested getting 130 tons of daily oil production to establish annual oil productivity 24 thousand tons. 50 wells were designed in 2020 with total drilling footage 93.5 thousand meters.

Currently the proved reserves account for below 8% of total reserves in Wensu block, leaving huge exploration potential. It is expected that a middle-sized oil field will be established in the near future.

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